Why Am I Writing?

The most important relationships I have are the ones that challenge me. I am writing and putting it in a place where others can read it in order to be challenged. I have a lot of questions and ideas floating in the ether and by writing them down and offering them up for critique, perhaps they can become grounded; either by rejection or clarification. Perhaps writing in a blog is one way to give back. Perhaps it is another way I can continue to grow in faith, work, and knowledge. Perhaps it is a way for God to further expose my weaknesses to me and strengthen me in them. In writing, perhaps God will grace me by making me a better disciple of His Son and expanding my ability to make disciples, however small.


3 Responses to Why Am I Writing?

  1. David Hess says:

    heard you with Leighton Flowers. I live overseas but spend my summers in So. Cal. Would love to have coffee. seems like we have a lot in common theologically. will you be around?

  2. Hagen Junger says:

    Hi Eric. I picked up on your blog from some other site. So far enjoying your opinions and articles.
    I see you haven’t posted for a while. Are you still actively writing?

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