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Romans 9: A (Brief) Non-Calvinist Reading

Romans 9 is the Calvinist’s mic drop. Any time some free will guy starts spouting off about being able to choose Christ or not, all the Calvinist has to do is say “Romans 9, Jacob I love and Esau I … Continue reading

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Total Inability: Responding to An Arminian

I do not learn something new¬†every day; I’m not that studious. But the other day I learned that Arminians agree with Calvinists in affirming Total Inability. I was linked an article directly responding to my soteriological viewpoint and so I … Continue reading

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We Were Voyagers: The Theology of Moana

[Disclaimer: This is certainly not the only way to look at the symbolism and typology in Moana. It would be great to discuss how any of you see it.] The kids and I have probably watched Moana three times since … Continue reading

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Are You Saying Man Can Control God?

One of the many things New Calvinism has done well is to overwhelm the internet research space with Calvinistic answers to common theological or pastoral questions. Ministries like Desiring God, Grace to You, or Ligonier dominate the results of Google … Continue reading

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My Heart for the Calvinism Debate

I have been writing mainly about the soteriological controversies surrounding the rise of what has been called “New Calvinism“, or the Young, Restless and Reformed movement. There are other topics I will write about but Calvinism will persist as one … Continue reading

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Ordo Salutis and Implications: Acts 28

I cannot stand proof texting. If you want me to get good and triggered, send me a proof text with an exegesis or argument that reaches the depths of “this is just what the Bible says man” and I can … Continue reading

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