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Denial of Gender Differences as Denial of God

Women are not men, and that’s a good thing. Women do things that men cannot do, and that’s a good thing. In order to not require women to be men, separate sports leagues and organizations were created so that women could … Continue reading

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Power is a Gift and a Temptation

Power is a gift from God. Men are flawed human beings. How do we balance these truths? I’m two chapters in to Alister McGrath’s telling of the fascinating story of the King James Bible entitled In The Beginning. Perusing my father’s … Continue reading

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Hyper vs. Low Calvinism: What’s The Difference?

The great J.I. Packer is known to hold to a lower form of Calvinism. I was watching a recent YouTube vid that Leighton Flowers produced discussing the contradictions between hyper and lower Calvinism. I wondered if I could find some more … Continue reading

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